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Welcome to ZealousHomes! We are an online community desiring to add value to every Christian by striving to grow, healthy, vibrant, and ZEALOUS lives, families, and churches. We are here to serve you and to bring glory to Jesus Christ!

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What we Are About

Our Mission, Vision, & Methods

Our mission

ZealousHomes is on a three-fold mission to glorify Jesus Christ. We believe our mission is one of the most important endeavors on earth.

INSPIRE ZEALOUS CHRISTIAN LIVING. We want to glorify Jesus Christ by helping you fuel the zealous desire within you to live more faithfully for Him in all areas of life. Our culture needs to see authentic Christian zeal burning brightly in the growing darkness.

AMPLIFY FAMILY FAITHFULNESS AND DEVOTION. We desire to glorify Christ by partnering with you and other believers to build healthier, more zealous homes. We believe that we grow stronger in healthy community. 

MULTIPLY ZEALOUS HOMES AND CREATE COMMUNITY. We want to see many faithful homes become ministries that will impact their communities for Jesus Christ! Our hope is that these little outposts of faith can build relationships with other faithful homes. We desire to build them into a network of zealous homes that will encourage and strengthen one another.

Our Vision

Our methods


Partner with you and other sincere disciples.

Create content to inspire, amplify, and multiply zealous homes. (IAM Communities)

Record our ZealousHomes Podcast episodes and YouTube Videos.

Promote our content. Enlist our Zealous Nation to help us share far and wide.

Pray some more!

Grow an online global community that serves and glorifies Jesus Christ together.

Our Zealous Library has something for everyone!

So It begins

Our Story

Pastor Wayne Sullivan has been dreaming and praying for years about ministering to families in a greater way. He desires to see families embrace authentic faith and zealous discipleship. ZealousHomes.com was born on May 14, 2015.

Since that time, Pastor Wayne has been busy raising his two daughters alongside of his loving wife, Crystal, while ministering in North Carolina churches. God used this time to teach Wayne more about discipleship and the importance of family dynamics. While the dream grew, he has been learning web design. He has attempted to start our site on a couple of previous occasions, only to sense God telling him to postpone.

All that has changed now! God has opened the window of opportunity and continued to develop his heart for this ministry. On September 22, 2022, Pastor Wayne officially launched this new endeavor, hoping to be a blessing to whomever God wills. Our hope revolves around the impact that zealous homes can have on their local communities.

Pastor Wayne has been planting “Zealous Church” in Nashville, NC since April 2022. He is also seeking to establish “The ZealousHomes Network” to help plant new house/micro churches that seek to glorify Jesus Christ as we gather His people, grow zealous disciples, and encouragingly equip and send one another out to pursue ministry in God’s Kingdom as we journey through life together.

ZealousHomes was the spark that God used to ignite a stunning zeal in Pastor Wayne’s heart and we trust He will do the same in yours. We hope you will join us as we embark on this mission together.

Founded in 2022

Meet Our Team

Pastor M. Wayne Sullivan

Pastor M. Wayne Sullivan, M.Div.

Founder, CEO & Chief Editor

Welcome to ZealousHomes! I am happy to serve you! I consider myself to be a God-Called, Christ-Centered, Spirit-Filled leader. My greatest skills include juggling the life of a loving husband, a homeschooling dad, a busy church Planter/Pastor, and an entrepreneurial spirit.

My greatest responsibility is being a good husband to Crystal and Dad to my two precious young daughters. I enjoy extended coffee breaks, time with my family, reading and writing, photography, and serving others in the name of Jesus Christ.

I hope you will benefit from our articles, podcasts, resources, and videos. Everything we create is designed to help you and honor Jesus Christ. Personally, I strive to be accurate and faithful in my handling of God’s Word and the care of His people.

What makes me an influencer in the faith community? Not much, but I have ten things in my background that I hope will make a difference.

1. Undergraduate Degree in Biological Sciences

2. Undergraduate Degree in Botany

3. Masters of Divinity in Christian Ministry w/Biblical Languages

4. Nearly twenty-four years of faithfully walking with Jesus Christ.

5. God has called and ordained me to the Gospel ministry.

6. Almost twenty-three years of ministry experience in God’s church.

7. Training in marriage counseling from pre-marriage and beyond.

8. Fifteen years of marital blessings with my only wife and love of my life!

9. Twelve years of being called, “Daddy!”

10. Forty-five years of making mistakes and trying to learn from them.

Crystal Sullivan

Lead Administrator & Contributor

Crystal spends her days dreaming of cleaning teeth as a Dental Hygienist. We think she’s on to something. She enjoys being Wayne’s loving wife and raising their two daughters. Building a Zealous Home for Christ is her priority! Weekly she becomes the hostess with the mostest as our house church gathers to serve Christ! She helps keep us all straight from day to day! You will not find a more excellent wife or caring soul than Crystal.

Crystal Sullivan
A & E Sullivan

A & E Sullivan

Inspiration Team & ZealousKids Editors

These two great minds serve to provide our home with food for thought as we journey toward building a zealous home ourselves. They also serve as the main contributors and editors of our ZealousKids Content Library. You should check them out and definitely let your kids check them out!

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